Welcome to Matchstick Music, the homebase of Producer/Songwriter Matt Bobb.

Matchstick Music is a comfortable and relaxed environment where artists can compose and create, free from the shortcomings and annoyances of today’s typical bedroom recording setup. A spark of creativity can happen anywhere; but when it is time to capture your ideas, your songs deserve better than the bedroom treatment. We set out to build a studio big enough to fit most any production need, yet small enough to keep a great vibe throughout the music making process.  Live instruments are scattered in every corner begging to be plucked, hit, struck, and shaken. If you want to take that little guitar ditty or rough demo from the garage and turn it into a real killer record you should think about making Matchstick Music your homebase too.

Other than songwriting, Matt also writes and produces original music and theme songs for television and film.

Matchstick Music is nestled in a quiet corner of West LA.