Leo Little's Big Show

Disney Channel's "Amy & Tinkerbell"

Wrote this original track for Disney channel's newest star, G! What would you do if you could hang out with Tinkerbell for a day? Maybe play tricks on your bro, Leo.

Chadwick's I Want You To Want Me

Chadwick's "I Want You to Want Me"

Produced arranged and mixed this 5 song EP from breakout Dance/Pop artist, Chadwick. It's Lady Gaga meets Adam Lambert. So yeah, it's awesome. Deal with it.

Book of Eli

Warner Brother's "Book of Eli"

Composed original music for 2 animated prequels to be included on the Book of Eli Special Edition DVD. These 2 featurettes tell the back stories of Eli and Carnegie, filling us in on what happened with these two characters before the apocalypse.

Burning at Both Ends

Tiff Jimber's "Burning at Both Ends"

Produced, arranged and mixed most songs. Co-wrote 5 songs on the album. Played guitar, other instruments, and sang a few harmonies. This was the third album I worked on with Tiff, and the first album I used a stylophone on. Look it up kids and thank me later. Best $20 I've ever spent.

Ghost Town

Sunnyboy Entertainment's "Ghost Town"

Composed and preformed theme song for "Ghost Town," an original series produced by Sunnyboy Entertainment. Lots of scary and spooky themes in this one. Zombies, Ghouls, and Apparitions. You know, kids stuff.

My Great Escape

Luis Narino's "My Great Escape"

Produced, arranged, and mixed all songs. Sang a few harmonies. Great project with some of LA's best musicians. Luis pulled out all the stops to make a great record. After finding his voice during this record, he moved toward a great original sound with his new band Noble Creatures.